Wholly Cats Band


companyWholly Cats Band was founded in New Jersey in 1999 by a group of musicians. As aspiring musicians we wanted to do something on our own and so we formed the band. Our band consists of a lead guitarist, a vocalist, a bass player, pianist, drummer and an extra guitarist. The six of us have been together since 1999 and still hold the bond very strong. The common thing that brought us all together is our passion for rock music.

aboutAt the beginning, we used to play in different night clubs in New Jersey. The owner of a recording company luckily saw one of our performances in a night club and called us to his office the next day. This was the turning point of our career as rock musicians. We recorded our first album in a studio in New Jersey. Our first album was a hit. This indicated that people still like rock music. After the release of our first album, we started getting offers from various people. We got invitations to play at weddings, corporate events and personal parties. Our network  just got bigger and so did our band. In this website you will get to know about the important venues where we are going to play. You will also get to know a lot about our band.