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5 tips to become a great band member

5 tips to become a great band member

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A band is a business, partnership and friendship at the same time. This relationship is more complicated than a romantic relationship. The reason is that in a band there are more than two people involved and it’s difficult to get along with everyone of them. Everyone has different opinions and coming into a consensus is the most difficult part of a band. Here are some great tips to be a good band member.

Practice your music

You should practice your music before you arrive for group rehearsals. This way the band can concentrate on more detailed stuffs together. If you don’t understand part of a song, then inform it to the rest of the members soon. You shouldn’t keep those doubts in yourself until it’s too late to modify things.

Know your role in the band

You should be very clear about your role in the band. If you are not sure, ask your band members. This will help you not to step on other’s shoes and create a chaos within the band. You will also feel very relaxed with your role.

Help out

You should always help your fellow band members. Whether it’s promoting the band or carrying the equipment; always help when possible. If you have a good social network then you can help in marketing your brand; if you are good in art you can design your band’s T-shirt. Don’t limit your assistance to music only.

Place equal value on each musician

You must treat every member of the band equally. Each member should participate in band meetings and their views must be considered in taking any decisions. This develops the band’s commitment.

Be on time

You should be on time for practice, show or meeting. You should respect other band member’s time as well. You shouldn’t make them wait for you.

It is very challenging to have balance in a band group. If you have clear communication and direction then things will be smooth and positive.


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