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Whether it’s a festival or a private party, we love to perform rock songs anywhere. Each of our band members is very enthusiastic about music and we carry it in our heart. We have come a long way. The starting wasn’t easy for us. There were disappointments, failures and long waits on our journey. But we never gave up. We stuck together as a team and supported each other. We believe it’s the team spirit that has brought us to the position we are in now.

It was a quiet evening in a bar where we sat and discussed casually about forming a rock band. We were discussing about the recording studios when we start discussing things. That casual conversation turned into reality in only 7 days time. We all agreed on the general terms and conditions of the band and started practicing. We had two great songwriters in our team and so we produced some wonderful music. At the beginning, we used to play in night clubs only. We played our own songs, as well as, the famous songs.

One day we were performing at a night club in New Jersey and a guy came to us and handed over his visiting card. That guy had invited us to his recording studio the next day. After we went there, he listened to our songs, liked them and gave us our first recording contract. This was the turning point of our band’s success.

Now we have a total of 8 albums and we are working on our 9th album. It’s such an amazing feeling when we see our songs are being played at night clubs. People sing along and dance to our tunes. There is nothing so fulfilling as making your audiences happy with your performance.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We've recently closed a sponsorship with a company, which is a representative of the insinkerator badger 5 in our city. It's a very important deal for us.

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Jemand Bock auf Dänemark?

nordicnoise.dk/ ... See MoreSee Less

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The Legendary – „Half A Devil“ ::: VIDEO OUT NOW!

In bester DIY-Manier selbst produziert präsentiert das Münchner Hardrock-Quartett The Legendary das offizielle Video zu „Half A Devil“, der ersten Single des im Frühjahr 2017 erscheinenden Debütalbums ‘Let’s Get a Little High‘.

Ein fetter ZZ-Top-Groove sowie Frontman Thorsten Rocks rauchige Whiskey-Stimme peitschen den Song durch seine gut dreiminütige Geschichte: Der Teufel in uns Allen, die kleine Stimme der Rebellion – Rock’n’Roll eben!

Bleibt nur die Frage offen, ob die beschauliche Kirche, deren Entweihung hier auf Film gebracht wurde, seither entsprechend exorziert wurde.


Musikalische Zutaten von Acts wie Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin und Guns’N’Roses werden neu gemischt, modern gewürzt und zu einem höllisch scharfen Süppchen verkocht. So schließt The Legendary die Lücke vom Mainstream zum Heavy-Rock-Underground!

Die Geburtsstunde des damaligen Trios schlug 2014 in München. Mastermind Thorsten Rock (vocals/gitarre), der während seiner Zeit in Seattle bereits bei den Mitbegründern der Grunge-Ära Malfunkshun spielte, und Schlagzeuger Stefan Tönjes hatten nur ein musikalisches Ziel: schwitziger Rock'n'Roll mit großen Melodien! ... See MoreSee Less

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Es kommt 2017!

infinite - das neue Meisterwerk von Deep Purple!

Hier der erste Trailer:

youtu.be/eFDdnUiN_uY ... See MoreSee Less

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